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"When we first contacted you, I expected assistance in locating a home in Belgium; little did I know that was only the beginning of your services. You have made our stay in Belgium more enjoyable and easier than I could have imagined. I highly recommend Living Abroad to any company or individual moving to Belgium”

Cliff Stice
Chief Operating Officer

“I would strongly recommend the services of Living Abroad to anyone coming to Belgium as an expatriate and looking or a professional, reliable, efficient and friendly response to his needs.”

Vasilios Tsakiris

“We have found Living Abroad to be extremely helpful not only on the initial move-in formalities, but also throughout our stay whenever we needed information. […] We feel that the support Living Abroad offered us, greatly added to our comfort in Belgium. We can highly recommend them to others starting their living-in-Belgium experience.”

Bob & Sandy Whyte
Keystone Valve Europe BV

“We can describe the services provided by Living Abroad in one sentence: Always accessible with a can do attitude. Every time we call there is always someone available to assist me with any request. Can do attitude: Living Abroad will help with anything.”

Stephen Mollick & Patrick Mollick
GE Capital Modular Space

“In our case, Living Abroad have gone beyond the call of duty to help the family through the initial process of establishing a home in Belgium. Without your expert help and personal touch, this process would have taken at least twice the amount of time creating much anxiety for the whole family. As it turns out, it was possible for me to become fully integrated with my new professional responsibilities almost immediately after our arrival.”

Armando R. Perez
Sr. Advisor
Retail Department
ESSO Nederland BV

“We consider them our friends, in addition to business associates. Thank you for your terrific service! No doubt your business will continue to grow as more people experience “Living Abroad”.”

Myron D. Petruch
Director of Sales and Technical Services
Europe, Middle East and Africa

“There is no doubt that Living Abroad made a tremendous contribution to the successful relocation of our operations into Belgium and continues to facilitate the comfort of our expatriate employees here. For these reasons I heartily endorse this firm.”

Robert A. Vezeau
Vice President
Chiquita International Coordination Center Belgium

“More importantly you have done so much for the families that have so courageously moved to Belgium with the spouse and for Amgen. This means a lot and adds much business value as it allows our staff to focus on work objectives during the weekdays knowing their family members are settled and thriving within the community. Thanks for everything! Warm regards,”

Susan Lundeen
Manager, Human Resources
Corporate References

Reference list

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  • AMGEN Europe BV
  • ARCO Chemical
  • ARROW Terminals
  • Atlas Copco Airpower NV
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  • Bananic International NV
  • BAYER Antwerpen NV
  • BAYER Rubber NV
  • Betz Dearborn NV
  • BF Goodrich Chemical NV
  • Chiquita International CC
  • CMK Europe NV
  • Engelhard Terneuzen BV
  • Eronic
  • EVAPCO Europe N.V.
  • Evonik Degussa Antwerpen n.v.
  • Ferranti Computer Systems
  • Ford Credit Europe plc
  • Ford Motor Company
  • GEI Colette
  • GE Plastics BV
  • GE International Inc
  • GE Capital Modular Space
  • Great White Fleet Ltd
  • HAPAG-Lloyd NV
  • Honda Europe NV
  • Inchcape Shipping Services
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • Jaguar Belgium
  • Keystone Flow Control
  • LANXESS Rubber N.V.
  • Lawter Int. Belgium
  • Marks&Spencer NV
  • Master Foods NV
  • Media One International
  • Monstanto Europe NV
  • O.O.C.L.
  • Organon Teknika (Akzo Nobel)
  • OTS Belgium n.v. 
  • Pan Ocean Shipping NV
  • Praxair Inc
  • Schlumberger Sofitech NV
  • Schmalbach Lubeca Europe NV
  • Tecomar (TMM))
  • Devro Teepak Belgium NV
  • Telenet Operaties NV
  • Union Carbide Benelux NV
  • UOP NV
  • ZESPRI International (Europe) NV

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